Check For Tongue Ties! Calling All UK Residents!

There is a petition going around in the UK to have all babies checked for tongue ties in their first week of life. This could stop so many women having problems breastfeeding and maybe help those women keep on breastfeeding for longer as it will help stop discomfort while they feed.

Please, no matter how you choose to feed your child, it is important for babies to have their tongue ties corrected before it causes a problem! At the moment it is hard to get a health care professional to actually check for tongue tie, let alone find someone who is skilled enough to find even the least obvious tongue tie!

Please sign!

Let me know if you’ve signed!


2 thoughts on “Check For Tongue Ties! Calling All UK Residents!

  1. whatisnormalfor says:

    signed it, it would be nice to think that people get more support with breastfeeding, there seems to be a lot of information about why its so good but not always much help when things don’t work out as planned XXX

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    • diaryofninemonths says:

      It’s no wonder breastfeeding rates are so low here! Dont mind however someone chooses to feed but if you are going to persuade people to breastfeed you need to be able to help when things dont go well.
      Thanks for signing! Xxx

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