Those Adult Days

Trying to be an adult is hard! Like I know I turned 18 nearly 6 years ago but come on that doesn’t mean I got to find it easy do I?

I lost my little routine after I was hospitalised for mastitis back in November(?) and having my partner home hasn’t helped. We can get stuff done but you can’t get into a routine as easily when you don’t have control over a person can you? With a baby it’s easier, they rely on you to make their little routine but you can’t make a 28 year old man follow your routine.

So now he’s back at work. It’s only been two days so far (I’m writing this on Thursday) but it’s happening! I went to the health visitors yesterday and then took buddy on a 5k walk and I made a shepherds pie! It was yummy by the way. Today I walked to work (took an hour! Damn the fact it’s all up hill and buggies are hard to push…great work out though) and then got my holiday form and introduced my little flirt of a son to some colleagues and then I got home, fed the little man and walked the pup again for 5k! I got a bit drenched because the weather is shocking but ya know! I haven’t planned dinner yet… But I’m thinking maybe a pasta bake. Warm and carby for my belly!

I’ve also made a meal plan for the week! I got the re-useable fridge planner thing from ebay for like £2.55, only thing I would change would be to put a real shopping list pad that I could just tear off and go but this’ll do! I can always buy one and stick it on at a later date.

The plan for tomorrow is to go to the shops and get some breast pads and deodorant then come home clean a bit, walk the dog and then clean some more. And then maybe when the big man gets back from work I can relax in a little bubble bath and wash my hair. I need to get it cut. I want to grow it out a bit but I’m in the loosing your hair phase of post pregnancy joy! I also need to re-dye it. It’s not making it look good. But come the end of the month maybe I’ll have a box colour. Can’t decide whether to stay red or try and get back to brown… And maybe eventually a trim or something. It’s looking a bit flat. Anyway that’s not the point of this! I’m good at straying from the point aren’t I…

Yes we are in pjs. Little man weed himself and I got soaked walking Buddy so I decided pjs were a must. Deal with it. He is loving his play gym. In the past couple of weeks he has learnt to grab stuff up high!


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