Me Before Baby

You may or may not know but I am a 23 (nearly 24) year old mother of one. I have a puppy and a partner who is 28 years old and who I have been with for nearly 4 years. I took my driving test multiple times and this guy helped me pass it. I work with children in an NHS hospital. I can’t cook or bake but I love to try. Well after all the cupcakes I’ve made recently I like to think I can at least make a mean cupcake.

But who was I before all of this?

Well I was a vodka loving shy girl who loved to go out clubbing or down the pub. My love of food has always been there along with my non-love of working out. I have always liked walking though. I used to work Saturday-Wednesday so Thursday and Friday were my only days off. But trust me that never stopped me going out! Where I live there used to be a club that would always be a lot cheaper on a Thursday night so that is where we used to be. Music through the decades and three drinks for the price of one basically. Then because we hadn’t spent a lot of money that night we would also go out the next night! I would start work at 8am on Saturday (don’t worry this was before I worked in a hospital, this was just a little admin job) and so I would rock up, usually in the same outfit I went out in the night before, with my hair and makeup still on, with the only difference being my choice of shoes. We had to wear steal toe cap boots because it was a warehouse. We also had to wear hairnets while around the products and we weren’t allowed headphones or music on but I found a way to have my own little surround sound system in my hairnet. I would munch on skittles during my break to get me through the hangover and then cheesy chips and a diet coke for lunch. I know the diet coke just made it a lot healthier right? Well back then I could gorge like that! I’ve puked there more times than I’d like to remember. One time I even ended up bursting a blood vessel in my eye. I blame the vodka. I’ve also done some things I shouldn’t be proud of with some people I’d rather forget but I’ve also done some awesome thing with amazing people that don’t need to be forgotten. And there may be CCTV footage of my then-tiny backside in the archives of a hotel somewhere. Bet the security guy watching that had a laugh eh? Getting mooned by a drunk girl in PJs was probably not what he was expecting but oh well! I used to wear a million bracelets and at one point my hair was three different colours. I tried to be that girl with five colours in her hair (who else sung that? Come on own up, I won’t judge!) but I wanted permanent colours and there’s only so many that look good together. So I used to have a red ombre-style fringe and the rest of my hair was blonde ombre-style. So natural red and blonde. Pretty much my go-to colour still but it’s been a while since I rocked that look! I used to wear too-short skirts and my hair was pretty damn long. I’d cut it short a few times but it always grew back pretty fast!

So that was me. What were you like before life took you down the path you are now?


4 thoughts on “Me Before Baby

  1. Some Kind Of Beautiful Chaos says:

    Crazy isn’t it how becoming a mummy changes you. I was also a lover of vodka, or anything alcoholic … I was also partial to the odd cigarette now and again!! (Thank goodness I got pregnant & stopped) Altho looking back the nights out were fun …… I do love the comfort of my pjs nowadays haha!!


    • diaryofninemonths says:

      So very true! Nights out became fewer and further between once placements started and then once I actually started my job it was even few because you have to work so many weekends and nights! At least as a student you dont have to do as many! Xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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