When The Baby Is Your Son Instead Of A Patient

So you’ve probably seen me moan about being ill a lot over the past week. But seriously when will this virus shift???

I went to the doctors with little man because it’s been over a week and his cough just seemed to be getting worse. He was also only awake for a couple of hours in the morning, and hour in the afternoon and a couple of hours in the evening the day before and that is so unlike him so I got a bit concerned. Turns out I have a viral throat infection but because it has gone on so long I have a prescription for antibiotics to ‘cash in’ in a couple of days if I haven’t managed to shift it, or at least if I don’t feel like I am getting any better. Little man has bronchiolitis. The thing I did not want him to get! I kept telling everyone I didn’t want him to catch it (I know I can’t stop it but it’s why I didn’t want people with bad colds going near him!), but no one listened. They are all ‘oh it’ll help his immune system’. Well you’re not the one that has seen countless babies on oxygen or being intubated and shipped off to bigger hospitals because of this so screw you!

Anyway. I feel like I’ve been on shift non stop for a week now. Granted I don’t have to deal with writing notes etc. But I am being woken up every two hours to feed! He keeps waking up coughing and so he gets upset and starts screaming and it just sounds like he’s in so much pain! He probably has quite a sore throat so milk is just helping to soothe that seeing as he’s too young for yummy soothers.

So I’m walking around a bit mum-bie ish at the moment.

To make things worse I paid a visit to the health visitors today. First time we’ve gotten little man weighed since his six week check. Didn’t think we had any need. He’s a little on the small side, at four and a half months he is just starting to fit into size 3-6 month clothing but we’ve never been concerned. So anyway we went there and he’s 6.2kg. That is 13.6lbs. He was 10lbs at 6 weeks so that’s not a big gain since… He has apparently dropped nearly two centiles. They are giving him the benefit of the doubt because he has been ill but they are saying I need to offer him a bottle of formula after every breast feed to see if he wants it. He isn’t drinking me dry so I know it’s not that I don’t have a big supply, he’s just not wanting to drink loads at the moment! He’s poorly! Who likes to eat loads when they feel shitty! Well other than me… Even when I got it coming back out both ends I’m still super hungry so… But back to little man. So yeah that’s him. It could mean he’s lost a lot of weight since being ill, which I wish I knew before I saw the doctor because then maybe she would have been a bit more concerned. But I’m messaging my fellow nurse friend about it to make sure I don’t start being an over-reacting mum. I need that little nursing side of me to draw me back and tell me it’s fine! But when health visitors start sprouting stuff like that it makes you feel a bit worrisome. Not bashing them by the way, I would love to go into health visiting. But it’s all down to the individual health visitor and how they come across really.

Okay so this kind of turned into a bit of a rant so here are a couple of photos of my dog getting jealous for attention while I was feeding little man!







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