A Bit Of A Mish Mash

We’ve all been ill in this household for about a week now. We all had a good old nap. Little man was asleep for about four hours. We all have hacking coughs, sore ears and blocked noses. Big man starts a new job on Wednesday too! 

We spent Saturday at big mans brother’s house for our second Christmas. It was lovely! It’s so weird holding a tiny baby again! Still amazed by the amount of hair he has! Little man got some lovely presents and we got a new duvet set and a 3 in 1 sandwich maker! Already used it to make Paninis and looking forward to getting the new duvet set on soon!

We are looking at high chairs for little man now. One more pay day before he turns six months so it’s about time eh? Visited a friend yesterday who is due in the spring and she’s already got everything she needs! I feel so unorganised in comparison! Her baby shower is in Feb so post partum box seems like an ideal present! 

Any suggestions on high chairs that won’t put me in debt? Hope you don’t get ill from reading this! Bug does seem pretty contagious!


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