£20 Well Spent!

January is hard for everyone. You get paid early for Christmas which is great! But then you have to survive a week longer without any extra pay for the first month of the year.

We had no food in the house and only £20 to spend on this weeks food. So off I went. Baby in his Chewbacca snowsuit. £20 in my purse and a shopping list in my hand.

I thought our shopping list was a bit big at first. Did not think we would get it all.

I went around, getting the essentials first. Calculator up to make sure I had enough as I went along. Then I’d got the main things and went on to get the other things such as naan bread and garlic bread. I managed everything including a double pack of bacon instead of a single and two bottles of squash!

The total was £17.66.

I was impressed. The only thing I wish I added to the list was cheese!

We stuck to a meal plan while making our lists and now we know what meals to have and that we have what we need. This has worked better for us on the occasions we’ve done it than when we go on a monthly shop. It also means we know what we are having so we don’t go ‘oh should we just have a takeaway instead? We are missing this and that so can’t have whatever’. Definitely how we should be doing our food shop from now on. Will hopefully save us a bit!

Chewbacca baby!



7 thoughts on “£20 Well Spent!

  1. somekindofbeautifulchaos says:

    Oh god we go the “Ahh lets just have a takeaway instead” so much easier isn’t it ….. not always the best option though, however delicious!
    Your meal planning idea sounds fab, and love the little snowsuit!! xx


  2. whatisnormalfor says:

    Ahh I hate January, I have to pay my NMC fee in January too and I always forget about it till half way through. Hence super tight shopping budget! (Aldi is the best for this though) X


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