Baby’s First Christmas!

I know Christmas feels like a long time ago now but I’m just getting round to writing this!

Christmas eve was lovely and chill. We opened presents from my brother’s partner and had a little drink and food from the local kebab van. My mum gave us a stocking for us both to open and we watched Lost until midnight (I’ve gotten really into it, I know I’m like a decade behind but I couldn’t be bothered with it when it first came out!). Christmas day we got up, opened more presents with my mum then got ourselves ready and made it to my partner’s parents house for about 11. We then spent time opening presents with them and it was pretty chill until my mum turned up and we had Christmas dinner. It was amazing. His mum sure can cook! I ended up having seconds. We went home early evening, got the dog walked and my partner ended up falling asleep and I stayed up watching all my Christmas specials. Boxing day had a little more going on. My partner had to drop my mum off in London so she could catch the Eurostar to France. We then had to get ourselves ready and head to my Aunt’s house for food and fun. My aunt always makes me a fresh loaf of bread (YUM!) and had a little stocking ready for our little man. After that we stopped home to walk the dogs and feed them and then it was back out to my partner’s parents house for a party! We weren’t going to have a very late night but his brother ended up coming down so we didn’t actually get home until about 4:30 the next morning. Little man was great and slept basically the whole time from about 10pm.

In between then and new years me and my partner both ended up being ill with a gastro bug. He started it and I got it a couple of days later. What a great way to spend the holidays eh?

New years eve I promised I wasn’t going to drink a lot as I was up until 2am throwing up the night before. I did keep to that. But seeing a I was feeling better I did allow myself a few drinks. We were at another party around my other half’s parents house. Some of his friends were there until just before midnight, they then went to a pub ten minutes away to end the night. It was lovely catching up with everyone. We saw in the new year, had a bit of a dance and were on our way back home not long before 2am.

A few day before Christmas we were also delighted to find out our nephew had arrived! We got to meet him when he was a day old. We were hoping they would be out in time for Christmas but their little man was a little poorly and had to stay in for a while. He was out on the 30th but they understandably stayed home for new years eve. We are doing a little Christmas #2 this weekend!

A friend of mine sent little man a present that I just thought I’d show off!


And me and the other half ended up spending a total of 14 hours playing two games of risk!



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