Baby’s First Temperature

Little man had his 16 week immunisations recently and he ended up with a temperature. It got up to 38.3.c and he spent the night pretty grumpy.

We followed the instructions given to us about paracetamol, as we had done with his first lot at 8 weeks, however unlike last time he still developed a temperature.

It didn’t hit straight away, it came on pretty slowly throughout the evening and really hit around 10pm. I noticed he was burning up and ended up stripping him down. He spent most of the night in my arms, which didn’t help cool him down, but he wouldn’t let me put him down. As soon as I had settled him down enough to put him in his crib I would let out a little sigh of relief. Then 30 minutes later he would wake up screaming and would only settle if I rocked him. He didn’t lose his appetite but he did spend most of his time asleep. If he wasn’t asleep he would be screaming or drinking. It was the worst we had ever seen him. It was heart breaking seeing him like this and knowing there was nothing I could really do except give him paracetamol and cuddle him.

The next day his temperature came down to 37.3.c, my little man’s temperature is usually around 36.3.c like myself so I think that even if it goes up past 37.c slightly we start feeling pretty ill still. We did get a few smiles on this day but he was still grumpier than usual. I was able to put him down at night as normal though which was great!

The following day he was finally back to normal. It was the best feeling ever to see my little man and his beaming smile and hearing his magical little giggle.

I know he wasn’t really ill, but it was not nice for either of us and I hope he never ends up feeling that crappy again. I know the likely hood is he will but a mother can hope can’t she?


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