A Typical Day

7:00- wake up, feed, pump

8:00- get washed and dressed

8:30 – have breakfast
Okay I’m sure you know this is bull, I’m not that organised. It is more like…

4:30 – wake up, soothe, back to sleep

6:30 – wake up, feed, pump and back to sleep

9:30 – wake up again, feed, get washed and dressed

12:00 – have breakfast/lunch

13:00-18:00 – try and get baby to nap, get a load in the washing machine, shop, walk the dog or sometimes just nap and watch junk day time TV

18:30 – feed the dog and eat dinner

19:00 – feed baby

20:00 – chill time

22:00 – feed, pump and sterilise

00:00 eventually crawl into bed
Life isn’t as exciting as it used to be but i’m getting to bed just as late and I’m more tired now than I was after a weekend of drinking amd dancing. But it’s lovely being able to have family time and watch our son grow. And yes most of my days involve icecream topped with melted chocolate and if I’m lucky I still manage to fit in some sort of alcoholic beverage.


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