Christmas Day Makeup?

This is just going to be a basic run down on what I plan on doing make up wise for Christmas! It’s basically the same as everyday except I don’t always do such a bold lip or wear foundation/concealer. They eyeliner can be bolder even on a normal day, dependant on how well it is cooperating…



My eyeshadow may be darker and more ‘smokey’ if I go for a more natural lip. That mascara is the only one that has really made my eyelashes pop in ages! It’s pricey, nearly £10 if I remember correctly, but it is worth it! I have had it for nearly 2 months so far and still going strong!



I love all of these items. They don’t cake and they match my skin PERFECTLY. Really hides the dark circles and randomly always-red-cheek that I have.


That lipstick is Kiss Of Life by Kate Moss (I know it’s not a great picture but it wouldn’t focus). It’s the best red I have found in ages. It looks a lot paler here than in real life.


This picture probably gives it more justice. Same colour as the paint on my walls! It also makes my lips, that are usually quite thin looking, lovely and plump! And it stays on really well. Not bad and quite cheap! Happy mama!

So that’s just about it. What look is everyone else going for?


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