Festive Favourites

What are my festive favourites this year?


  1. Bauble with my sons name on. Taking pride of place on our Christmas tree!
  2. Flashing white lights on the tree. For some reason I’m loving them more than the colourful ones this year!
  3. Santa outfit for my son to wear on Christmas day
  4. Edible Icing toppers from My Cupcake Toppers
  5. Leather Look Skirt from Boohoo
  6. In fact everything I brought from Boohoo to wear over the festive season
  7. Christmas albums. Anyone and everyone really
  8. Get Santa. It’s a Christmas film that has now made my list of favourite Christmas films!
  9. Gold glitter nail varnish from a company called Butter. It cost a bomb but it’s nice and by the time I realised the price I was putting my card into the self checkout and we all know how much hassle it is to change your mind at one of those things!
  10. Wowcher. Not going to lie, money is tight this year and it has helped us get some awesome ‘experience day’ presents for people
  11. Kate Moss red lipstick
  12. Christmas jumper (though I need a new non-bulky one)

Also, I don’t have any at the moment, but is it lame that I want my partner, my son and I to have matching Christmas pjs?


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