Cupcake Toppers Review!

So I have been lucky enough to get hold of some free cupcake toppers to review! All opinions are my own, as well as the baking and the photos so forgive me if it doesn’t look very professional!


It is very easy to order from this site. You get different toppers to choose from including special occasions, films, sports and your own. There are different sizes to choose from as well as different types of ‘paper’. I will go into more detail about these throughout the post. I did not get my own photos on any of the toppers, however having a quick look at it you had the same choices as with any of the other toppers, with regards to size etc. except that you could choose the photo as well and it was very slightly more expensive. The payment process is straight forward and quick to do.


I got mine through recorded delivery, it was £1.15. It was shipped the same day and it arrived two days later. I did however miss the postman so I had to sort out redelivery, but that was my own fault! They came in a brown envelope that has a hard back to prevent bending. I did not realise until after that my invoice was written on the same piece of paper as my address, I will put this down to baby brain as it was in a clear wrap that stated DOCUMENTS in bold black writing inside a red box… On the back of your invoice are a set of instructions on how to use the cupcake toppers. I wish my baby brain hadn’t prevented me finding this as it would have come in handy! I have never used icing printed onto paper before and wasn’t sure how to get it off so I had to Google it and ended up using the freezer technique, but it is clearly explained on the back of your invoice so do look if you are not sure!!!

The Cupcake Toppers

The most expensive of all the cupcake toppers is the edible icing. It is thicker and obviously has less of a ‘paper’ texture and taste. If you’re going to order a big decoration for a bigger cake this is the one I would suggest, for the taste if nothing else. Remember the instructions on how to remove this otherwise you will end up like I did. (You may notice little bits missing in the photo I post of it, this is because I mistakenly thought it was like taking a sticker off a sheet). The other toppers were all on different kinds of rice paper including standard and premium. The only difference is the thickness, obviously the premium is slightly thicker and therefore the standard is a little more see through. It shows up more in my photos because I grated some chocolate on top of my icing so it shows up through the toppers, but if I hadn’t you wouldn’t have really noticed the fact that it is slightly see through as the picture quality is still very good. These are perfect for cupcakes!

In a nut shell…

These are great and very affordable. They make any cake look more professional, well in my case anyway! With all the different choices and the fact that you can use your own images, there is no way you would be stuck in finding a topper to suit your needs. The whole order process was simple and quick and it beats getting trampled on in the shops looking through the ‘not quite what I wanted but close enough’ toppers left on the empty shelves. You definitely won’t feel like you were rushed or guilty for not being prepared when it comes to getting that Christmas cake done!

My order also came with six mini Christmas toppers, x3 Santa and x3 Rudolph!

If you would like to have a look for yourselves click here!

Standard Rice Paper


Premium Rice Paper


Rice Paper (Pre-cut)



Edible Icing



The free one!



All of them


Enjoy your baking this Christmas! I know I will!

My Cupcake Toppers Website:



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