Can You Induce Labour?

Before anyone gets annoyed at me I’m not advocating anything. Just gonna talk about the different ways people say you can jump start labour. It’s all old wives tales okay! 

I remember looking up different methofs while I was massive and pregnant and ehile talking to my partner’s sister in law about how she just wants her little one out it got me thinking about all these different things we try.

  • Hot curry
  • Bouncing on yoga ball
  • Sex
  • Raspberry leaf tea
  • Nipple stimulation
  • Long walks
  • Castor oil 

Now out of all of them Castor oil is the most dangerous. It is likely to give you the runs and then you risk dehydration. Granted a hot curry would do the same but it usually doesnt last as long! The reason these are supposed to work is because it irrotates the bowel which in turn can irritate your uterus. 

Sex can work because of the hormones in semen. It’s the same hormone they use to induce you! So really it is probably the safest and most natural way of seeing if your baby is ready for eviction! Nipple stimulation works in a similr way. A hormone is released into your body that they generally use for some inductions.

Raspberry leaf tea I do not know much about but I think it has something to do with the effect on the uterus. It is also supposed to help strengthen it for labour.

Yoga balls and walking is supposed to help bring baby down and move him into the optimal position. Gives gravity a helping hand. 

I ended up spending hours a day bouncing on my ball. I would walk for ages and then by 33 weeks I was too big and swollen to even walk around the block so that was out the window. The ball helped me relax, took away the aches and pains and let out the little amount of energy I had. Granted five hoursa day was maybe a bit much but what else did I have to do all day??? 

So basically stay away from Castor oil. Always. You can try whatever you want none of these methods will bring baby out any sooner. But they can help keep your body in optimal shape for dealing with labour once it starts. Any links between any of these and the start of labour are purely coincidental! Check before you start Raspberry leaf tea, it should be over a certain amount of weeks. Bouncing on a ball is great from any time as well as sex. Careful of nipple stimulation. Keep active. And it’ll happen when it happens! And remember baby is best left snug in your belly until as close to 40 weeks as you can get. But we all know the frustration of being uncomfortable and waddling so sometimes it’s nice to feel like you are being proactive!


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