My Favourite Christmas Films

Even though I’ve been watching them since September, I feel it is now socially acceptable to talk about my favourite christmas films! 

This is in no particular order, but i’m sure subconsciously my mind will remember them in order of most favourite to least favourite that is still a favourite if you get me…

Anyway on with the list!

  1. Jack Frost (the nice one with Michael Keaton)
  2. Rudolph (1998)
  3. Home alone 3 (first one I saw, used to watch it when home ill from school)
  4. Home alone 2
  5. Home alone 1
  6. Christmas with the kranks
  7. The Santa clause 1
  8. The Santa clause 2
  9. The Santa clause 3
  10. Four chirstmases 

Okay so I may have missed some or forgotten some but so far they are also the ones I’ve watched so far this year. Sure they aren’t classics, and you may not know of some (home alone 3 and Jack Frost are ones people I talk to haven’t really watched and noone has heard of the 1998 Rudolph?!) 

But these are my favourites! What’s yours???


2 thoughts on “My Favourite Christmas Films

  1. leabrenden says:

    My all time favorite is Love Actually, or The Night Before Christmas! They are probably not the most typical christmas films, but they give me a x-mas feeling so.. 🙂


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