Going Back To Work

I know I still have 5-6 months before I need to go back (though I’m still praying that we will find a way to allow me to take the full year off, I think that is more just wishful thinking than an actual possibility!), but the stress is real and it is already getting to me! In fact, if I’m honest, the thought has been stressing me out before I even got close to maternity leave. I think as soon as it really hit me I was going to have a baby I started stressing about going back to work.

First thing is how will we work out the hours? I don’t think I would be able to go back full time without doing nights, but then doing nights would mean either dealing with an active little one while I’m stupidly tired, or taking them to and from nursery, so it doesn’t make it any cheaper anyway. So it will most likely be part time. But my ward is having a change in manager, although the person taking over ward manager will be a Sister that has been working there a while, will she still allow set shifts? Set shifts are becoming less and less common in our hospital as it is getting harder to find people to cover shifts and with a large chunk of our ward staff already mums and on set shifts, or becoming mums and going to be on set shifts, will it be a reality? I could do bank shifts but then if we have another and I need to go on maternity again what will pay be like? Will is be more a maternity allowance than maternity pay? If so can we live on that realistically with my partner’s wage? Will I be able to have enough bank shifts in a month to cover costs? How will I wrangle nursery???

Speaking of nurseries, how do you work it with shifts? A lot of places will have you pay for full time childcare if you work shifts as they need to keep a slot open for you for when you need it, you can’t just turn up, some places will need good warning as well. What about hours? If I do an early it is 07:30-15:30. Not many places open at 07:00, which is realistically when I would need to drop my little man off. A late I 13:00-21:00. A full day is 07:30-20:00. I doubt many places are open until 20:00! And do I pay for a full day? Will they allow a 3/4 day? I can’t really do a half day…

Yes I am trying to work it all out based on what I would be working as at the moment my partner doesn’t really have set hours. He’s more on a start at 9/10am and finish when you’re done. Which can see him home at 18:00 or 20:00. We have family that might be able to help but at the same time I need to know we can handle it ourselves in case they are on holidays or just can’t help out for whatever reasons.

I was told all but one of the mums on my ward have set shifts and do not work part time.

What is everyone else’s plan?


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