Breast Pumps

Let’s talk breast pumps. I’ve now used three different pumps. And I’ll discuss them one by one.

To start I’ll talk about the Medela pump. The only time I used one was in the hospital so I’m not sure if it is the same as the ones you buy for your own use. But here we go!


It is the most gentle pump ever! It is massive but remember it is a hospital one! I’m not sure about changing speeds or force of suction as I never managed to, but that was not needed. It was easy to assemble and didn’t take any effort to figure out. I put it on and didn’t even feel it! I managed to pump both sides in half an hour, emptied me as much as a pump can and it was so gentle I didn’t even realise it was on at the time and it was super quiet! If the ones you can buy for your own use are anything like this one then that may be the electric pump I’ll have if there is a next time!



Next is my usual electric pump of choice. I got it from amazon but I think I saw it for sale in Babies R Us. It’s Lansinoh, which if you don’t know it’s the same company that make the nipple cream everyone says you should get.


Now this one is the one I use on a day to day basis. It works well, but after using the Medela I don’t love it as much as I used to! It’s not the easiest thing to clean but it could be worse. It is loud. And boy do you feel that suction! It have 6 different levels of suction and you can go up or down as you choose. That last level of suction more or less swallows your whole boob! It gets the job done though and for £50 I can’t really complain.



Lastly… Haakaa. I believe it was a New Zealand brand (correct me if I’m wrong)


The cheapest of the three, the quietest and the least hassle to clean and store and put together. You literally suction it to your boob and let it do it’s thing! It takes some getting used to and so far I’ve had to start off by hand expressing to get my let down going, but once it’s going it’s great! It stays on pretty well so you are hands free too! It doesn’t hold a lot in one go but as long as you have your milk bags ready you’re fine! It’s great for when you aren’t at home and I imagine it will come in handy while travelling! You can get it from amazon but be careful as there are some fakes so get it from the brand! You can also purchase a lid so it works as a temporary container as well but I don’t have one at the moment.



Let me know what pumps you’ve used!


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