Back to Breastfeeding Week 3

We started this week in a pretty crappy way.

I had mastitis AGAIN and ended up in hospital. After days of pumping and feeding I’m feeling a lot better.

So it’s the end of the week and I was all ready to report that nothing else had changed. But… We had a breakthrough!!!

Thursday, as I was feeding, my little man fussed and ended up knocking the nipple shield off and I had previously tried to get him to latch on with no success. And I tried a lot, once a day at least. So I gave it one more shot and HE LATCHED ON!!!


He then only needed it for a couple of sucks and then shields came off and he latched naturally again! Yesterday and today he latched on without using the nipple shields once!

I can’t believe it! We have had a breakthrough!!! He needs a little bit of help getting on but it’s not difficult and once he’s on we are fine!

I also got my Haakaa breast pump. Will Report back on that one soon!


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