Those 30 Day Challenges…

So it’s the start of December! 

Which means my 30 day challengers ended a couple of days ago…

So how did it go? 

Well they were going well, I got to 90 second plank, shook the whole time then completed it. Then the next day was a rest day, yay! Then came the next… another 90 seconds. Surely I should be able to right? Wrong! couldn’t even do 30 seconds without failing. This happened for a few more days then I decided the plank challenge wasn’t for me. Instead I incorporated some crunches, different types to mix it up.

Now for the push ups and squats. That went a lot better! Granted they became more sporadic last week and the end of the month as my partner was away and that left me with little free time. And well you may have read about me being in hospital at the start of this week. 

But just before midnight on the 1St of December, after missing a few here and there I went straight for the last ones and managed them all! Yay! I had to do the squats in sets seperated throught the evening as its not easy to fit 250 squats into one session with a little baby and a puppy and dinner to cook but I did it! 

The running continued until end of last week as we were busy over the weekend and I couldn’t do it this week. But once I feel better I will continue! I got asked if I had lost weight, my waist feels a little smaller and my thighs feel slimmer so that’s good motivation! 


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