Teething Necklace

Nearly 15 weeks and my little man has started showing signs of teething. It could be a while before he cuts any teeth but he is definitely getting some annoyance from those pesky white buds beneath his gums.

So instead of letting him continue to knaw at his hand I ordered a couple of things. I have a Sophie giraffe on the way amd today I recieved a teething necklace I bought off etsy! 

The first time I’ve ever purchased on here. I’d seen the necklace on Feedinstyle (instagramming mumma helping you with fashion when feeding). 

So I made the order on Wednesday, got comfirmation it was being shipped yesterday and it arrived this morning! Yay! It came in a cute packaging and inside was a little bag with the necklace in and a handwritten postcard thanking me for my order. Retro Winnie The Pooh on the postcard! 

I love the colours, so feminine! It’ll go with most things I own. The seller did have other colours, all lovely! You wouldn’t even think it’s anything but a lovely necklace if you weren’t aware of teething necklaces!

I’m going to go let my little one have a chew. Will let you know how he gets on with this and his giraffe when it arrives! If you know of anything else that helps teething let me know!

If you want to have a look at the seller’s stuff it’s here.

(Not an ad or sponsor in anyway, just thought I’d share my new baby buy with you!)


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