Another Hospital Visit

So. Two weeks after I had my little man I was rushed to hospital after hemorrhaging.

I have had mastitis once before, went to my gp and got antibiotics and was sent home to rest.

I have had blocked twice on two other occasions and resolved the problem before it got aby further.

At 4:30am on Monday I woke up with a full feeling in my breasts. My right one felt a little odd the day before but I didn’t think anything of it. So at stupid o’clock I was pumping. I knew I had a temperature because I was freezing cold and Achey, my boob hurt so much as well! my little man woke up an hour later just as I was finishing my left side. I began feeding him direct from the affected breast and then I had the urge to throw up so my partner had to take over with a bottle as I ran to the toilet.

I spent the rest of the day feeding and pumping. When I had paracetamol and ibuprofen doing their thing I felt fine, they kept my temperature at a decent place, then as they wore off I felt horrible.My partner came home, packed our little one off and dropped him at his mum’s then took me to a&e. By this point my temperature was 39.2.c.

I was there for an hour and a half before I was triaged (Mondays are the worst day apparently!). I had my observations taken and everything was fine other than my temperature, it had come down to 38.3.c but that is still enough to make you feel horrible! My bloods eventually came back and my inflammatory markers were sky high. Surgeons came to review to ensure that I didn’t have an abscess that needed draining, which luckily I didn’t!

I had a cannula put in and was taken to the ward (ended up having my own room yay!) and was hooked up to Iv antibiotics. I also had fluids hooked up after my medicine had finished, however during the night my cannula came out which meant in the morning I needed a new one which took two tries!

The breast care team came to review me and said I could go home on oral antibiotics and to go to the breast clinic in a week to be reviewed as they had found a lump that they were sure was the source of the infection but hey it doesnt hurt to check does it?

For now I’m feeling 75% myself and will continue to our normal feed routine.

I believe this started because we went to my partner’s cousin’s house on Saturday and as I had been drinking I missed a feed and I was too tired to pump at home. I have now ordered a Haakaa breast pump so if I am out like that again I have a handy little pump to carry around. My one isnt big but it is electric and a little more hassle to carry around!

Remember ladies, breastfeeding is a massive commitment, if you don’t follow routine your boobs may get mad with you!


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