Back To Breastfeeding Week 2

So it is the end of week 2.

Not much has changed. I’ve had to miss a few breastfeeds and give a bottle due to how my week has panned out, my partner was away on training for his work.

On the times when I have missed a feed I have pumped however and I am definitely getting more out. Today I got 20oz out!

My supply has increased and we are finding it easier everyday. Still pain free so double yay! It is still taking about 40 minutes on average to feed and he is feeding 3 hourly by breast instead of 4 hourly by bottle, but that is not a massive difference.

I have yet to try public feeding but I’m sure I will soon! I can’t avoid it forever! It does help that my little man falls asleep every time he gets pushed in his pram though so if we go shopping he sleeps all the way through instead of waking for a feed, until we get home and he realises he is no longer being moved that is!

Not much of an update I know but it’s better than it being a bad update!


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