Why is everyone so adamant that I start weaning? 

My little man is three months old today (what??? already???) and people seem to think I should be weaning already or atleast getting ready to! 

Okay some facts about babies with regards to weaning 

  • Babies DON’T need anything more than formula or breastmilk for the first year 
  • If a baby isn’t ready he will push food out of his mouth,this does not mean you try and shove it in again
  • Weaning too early can increase risk of choking
  • Guidelines suggest weaning at 6 months 
  • Guidelines used to say wean at 4 months
  • Baby poop changes with weaning
  • When babies teeth or get ill they may go off food for a while (hence why it’s okay for babies to have solely milk in their diet)
  • Follow on milk is not necessary
  • Cow’s milk can be used for cooking. So can breastmilk. Cow’s milk should be full fat

I would like to try baby led weaning. this means waiting until baby is sitting up himself, able to grab things and bring them to his mouth and is just generally showing an interest in food. You make up a few finger foods and let him do his own thing! You do not have to then give him a bowl of mushy baby food (unless you want to). Baby will pick up the whole eating thing is he is ready! This is a messy method so it isn’t for everyone. If you spoon feed them puree food please look out for signs they are not yet ready such as pushing the food back out! 

If baby is ill or teething or just feels like it they will just not eat solids. It is okay for them to just carry on with milk feeds if they are under a year. If over a year seek further advice.

Every baby is different and it is normal for them to wean at different times as with every other milestone. You will get some babies that feed or walk or talk really early, some will do it average times and others may do it a little later. It is fine! 

Most importantly make sure you watch them at all times whichever method you choose.


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