Getting Back To Breastfeeding

Week 1 is over with!

I brought new nipple shields last Saturday. I actually measured my nipples this time and it turns out I needed the size up to what I had!

I started back on the road to breastfeeding last Sunday. I haven’t gone straight into fully breastfeeding yet as I failed so badly last time that I wanted to go back in slowly as I want to get it right this time.

Last time I failed for many reasons. I say last time but it is with the same baby but I have had a bit of a break. I did a post about it a little while ago so be sure to check it out!

I started this week by doing two feeds a day breastfeeding. Without thinking about it I ended up doing three feeds a day breastfeeding! Whoohp! I still pump first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I breastfeed him throughout the day and his last feed is a bottle as well as his first feed. This works out well as it gives me enough milk to pump to save as well as being able to use the stash I have in the fridge before that has to be thrown! It also means that I am not stressing out about it and that I know I can have a break over the night. Part of my problem last time was the lack of sleep and the fact that it was making me really unwell.

My partner is away on training for work next week so it is an ideal time to see If I can breastfeed him as his last feed and see whether he still manages to sleep through until a good time, without having to worry about waking anyone up!

It has made it harder to do things that involve leaving the house as he can take a while to feed still as he tries to take as much as he would with a bottle. This means I am trying to time leaving the house around his feeds so I am not stuck in the baby changing area in the shopping centre! Don’t get me wrong it is lovely, they have a couch and a tv! But the phone signal in there isn’t great and if I have to be somewhere for 40-60 minutes i’d rather it be in the comfort of my own home ya know?

Today we went to my partner’s parent’s house for Sunday dinner and it was Sod’s law that my little greedy guts wanted feeding right as dinner was being served! I do have aa breastfeeding cover and I know they would have been okay with me feeding at the table, however, this little guy falls asleep a lot during a feed and if he isn’t falling asleep he is easily distracted. Both of these factors mean I’m rearranging a lot which isn’t easy if you’re all squished together around a dinner table and it doesn’t make the already difficult task of eating one handed any easier.

I did get my dinner in the end. 45 minutes later. But I got it. As everyone had already eaten I got to go back for seconds and not worry about leaving any for anyone else! Four Yorkshire Puddings? Yes please!

Hopefully this little man gets a little faster at eating! But I’d say it was a good start! And no sore nipples! Yay for nipple shields!


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