Dummy? Yes!

You get some people that really hate dummies. Why?

I get it doesn’t help teeth. Some people will say it doesn’t help his speech, but that varies on how long you allow them to have it and if you are strict on when they can have it or not. Eg. Not having it unless sleeping.

But I don’t plan on allowing him to have it for that long.

Hear me out.

Our little one wouldn’t settle. He was a month old and we were getting hardly any sleep. He would fall asleep sucking on our fingers, we would put him in his crib and therefore he would no longer have our finger to suck on, then suddenly he would wake up. Every time. Without fail. So we ended up giving him a dummy. He settled straight away and it was BLISS!

When he starts playing more we will take it away from him. Even now it is only when he is really unhappy or unable to settle himself to sleep that we give it to him. Once he gets to a certain age we will take it away completely. But for now we are going to allow it. It helps him which in turn helps us. And why wouldn’t you do what ever you can to help every one get a little more sleep? Plus he would have ended up fining his thumb eventually, he may still do, and let me tell you trying to stop them sucking their thumb is a lot harder because apparently you can’t get rid of them!

Don’t judge me because quite frankly I don’t care, the less sleep I get the crankier I get and noone wants that!


2 thoughts on “Dummy? Yes!

  1. Samsam - Simply A Mama says:

    We still use a dummy with our 13 months old, I always wanted to wean him off it but for some reason or another we didn’t. They eventually outgrow it and loose interest in their dummies or at least that’s what I’ve been told by parents who used it with their babies.
    A dummy isn’t that bad as long as the baby is happy and settled xx


    • diaryofninemonths says:

      Exactly, its not worth the battle
      They will outgrow them soon enough and when they start doing more, talking, socialising with others and just having fun theyll end up forgetting about them! Xx


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