Time Flies!

Time is flying!

It is hard to imagine that my little baby boy is already nearly three months old! He is changing everyday.

His smile gets bigger everyday, the list of things that make him smile grows everyday, he manages to do something new that’ll make use laugh everyday.

Today his dad pretend told him off, in reply to this our little angel held up his little fists as if to challenge him to a fight. Granted he had no idea he was doing this but it made us laugh none the less!

He’s developing the cutest giggle

He’s finally growing into his clothes!

He is actually awake during the day!

He was in new born clothes until he was about 10 weeks old. He then just started to fit into 0-3 month clothing. Now, just two and a half weeks later he fits into them really well! We probably have a good month or two in them judging by all the extra room he has in the sleep suit he is in at the moment, which is good, we are getting our moneys worth! But still, it’s lovely and sad to see him grow, part of me wants him to stay this tiny little cuddly baby forever, but the other part of me can’t wait to see what child, then man, he will one day grow into. His likes and dislikes, whether he takes after my side of the family more or his dad’s. What he will choose as a job. What he will like to do at school. Will he like sports or languages? Will he want to go into the army?

These feelings are bubbling up because I’m packing away his baby clothes to lend to his almost-here cousin. I’m glad they will get more wear, some things probably never got worn, but seeing all these tiny clothes just make you think of how small he was and how he only fit in them a few weeks ago. When his cousin is done with them we will either lend them to a dear friend who is due in April, or put them in air-tight bags and put them in the loft until they are needed again.


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