Originally we were supposed to be going away, just my partner and I for a night in London as my partner got us tickets to see Disney on Ice in December. My mum is going away to France two days before so we are looking after her dog, so we won’t be spending the night anymore. But we will still be away most of the day.

So I’ve started to get a freezer stash on breastmilk. I mix feed at the moment with the goal to get to breastfeeding as soon as possible (I got the nipple shields and things are going well so far!).

To date I have 11 bags of 3oz in the freezer, that is five and a half bottles, so more than enough for a day with his grandparents. But I’m going to continue.

It has taken a lot of effort to get to this point, I’ve had to put a bag away in the freezer everyday for 11 days and continue with my normal feeding process. It looked like the stash in my fridge was getting too low then I got my new nipple shields and having a few breastfeeds throughout the day has helped a lot to keep that supply good. I would like to get to a point where I don’t have to use formula anymore. This is why I’m going to continue with keeping a stash. That and two weeks post partum I haemorrhaged. This meant I was rushed into hospital and my little one stayed with his grandparents as it started at their house and I had milk there with me. Because I couldn’t breastfeed until my other half brought him into hospital it meant they used up all the milk I had stashed up, which added to the stress of trying to make more.

I also want to be able to have milk left in case my supply dries up, then he can get every last drop of my milk that he possibly can get. It will also come in handy when he starts to wean and I’m making his food, if a recipe calls for milk then I’ll have some on hand to use. I’ve also read that breastmilk can be used to help ear and eye infections as well as treating nappy rash.

I didn’t mean for this to go into such a breastmilk heavy post but I’m proud of the stash I’ve got and with the troubles I’m having with regards to feeding it makes me feel happy to know that I’ll have something to fall back on if I need it. It is also a nice feeling to know that if I am ever separated from my baby and need someone to feed him, instead of going through the hoopla of mix feeding like I do, they can just defrost some milk and use it.


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