This isn’t a debate on immunisations. You choose what you want.

I chose to have my son vaccinated.

He had his second lot today. His first lot was four weeks ago and his next will be in four weeks time.

After the first lot of immunisations he screamed, but was easily consoled. He was then really clingy all afternoon. Cried when he had his nappies changed and was just generally quite miserable. We gave him his three doses of Paracetamol as advised. He slept like a champ that night which was lucky, he could sleep his grumpiness away and when he woke up the next day he was like a different baby, all smiley and happy.

Today was his second lot. He was more aware this time and screamed after the injection, settled, then screamed again as I did up his trousers. He was not a happy bunny. Usually he sleeps as soon as you get him moving in his pram but not this time. HE stayed awake the whole walk home. When we got home he screamed so I fed him. He then managed to settle and fall asleep in my arms, as soon as I moved him however, he woke and started to moan. Now he is sat in his vibrating chair moaning away.

All this is completely normal and the best thing to do is to just feed them, cuddle them and help them to sleep as much as they can. If they develop a temperature ensure they are given something to bring it down. If my little one seems like he won’t settle he might have a dose of Paracetamol (he hasn’t had one yet, it wasn’t a necessity as this round isn’t as likely to bring on a temperature) just in case he is in any discomfort.

Poor babies, they are jabbed with a needle and can’t understand that it is to help them (again this isn’t a debate, this is just my opinion). Can’t imagine what it will be like when he starts teething…


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