That First Smile

That first smile.

It is amazing!

You’ve spent the past couple of days or weeks wondering if it is still wind or if it’s real. You only caught it for a second, blink and you would miss it. But you know deep down in your gut that your baby just smiled at you. Everyone else is say ‘nahhh it’s too early, it’s just wind, they only smile for me’. Don’t listen to them. You know your baby. You know a gassy smile, I mean you’ve seen enough of them by now haven’t you? You’ve probably caught a glimpse of their real smile whilst they sleep, they try to mimic your smile as they sleep so they can show it to you in real life. And now you’ve seen it. That real life smile. The smile that says you make me happy mummy/daddy, I love you!

That smile will brighten your day forever, it’ll never get old.

You wake up at 4:30am to a screaming baby, but as soon as you pop your head over their crib and they catch sight of you, that screaming turns into a massive beaming smile and you realise you’ve been up at this time drinking once or twice in your life, getting up at this time to a smiling baby is way better and so much more worth it so you won’t get annoyed, despite the fact you haven’t had a proper nights sleep in who knows how long and your partner is still sound asleep, snoring as loudly as he possibly can next to you.

That smile lets you know that even though you think you may be doing a crap job, you are in fact doing an amazing job.

You’ll have a stressful day, walk into the house with a big dark storm could hovering over you, you’ll see that smile and suddenly everything that happened that day no longer matters. All that matters is that this tiny little human loves you more than anything in the world and wants you to know it, so they show you in the only way they know how.

The power of a baby’s smile is off the scale.

Just look at it!

I’ve never seen a smile so amazing in my life! *squeals at the cuteness*


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