Going Out

Remember when going out was easy? Yeah well never again, at least not until your kids are old enough to just be left in the house alone without any preparation. Depending on your child this may be never.

Beforehand leaving the house meant getting your purse, phone, keys and maybe those bags for life.

Nowadays however, leaving the house means making sure you have enough nappies, milk, change of clothes (for you and baby), purse, keys, phone, bibs, toys, red book and well whatever else you can fit into that changing bag of yours.

It also means trying to get another human (or more than one) ready and if this means your three year old boy leaves the house in a frilly pink tutu then you let him because quite frankly it is not worth the screaming match it would cause. You’ll also find that your baby, who hasn’t pooped in what may be a week, will choose right as you are walking out your house to poo-plode. Even worse, it’ll be the day you just run out to get food for dinner so you don’t pack anything, thinking ‘oh I’ll be ten minutes max’ and they poo-plode right as you’ve got too much in your trolley to just escape.

You’ll decide to walk your dog and you won’t take any milk because he’s never awoken for milk during a walk before so why would he now? Well I’ll tell you why he would. To teach you a lesson, that’s why. How dare you leave the house without everything including the kitchen sink? Never underestimate your beautiful poop-filled baby ever again.

Being overly prepared here is the key to a stress free (or as close to stress free as you can possibly get with a human that can’t properly communicate with you).

So let’s all promise to always have an extra outfit (or two if he hasn’t pooped in 24 hours) and twice as many bottles as you think you will need. Having to sterilise an extra bottle is nothing in comparison to a screaming purple baby.

Your next task is trying to fit all this into one changing bag…


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