Post Partum Fitness

First of all we all need to remember that maternity leave is to look after your baby, not use it to stress about getting back into shape. Like they say, 9 months to gain the weight and round shape therefore 9 months to lose it.

The best way to get back into shape post partum is to be in your ideal shape pre-pregnancy. I tried, but saying that getting pregnant wasn’t part of my plan just yet so it was just trying to stay in shape generally and with being at work 12.5 hours a day or night, my days off usually consisted of being asleep and catching up on shows or doing things with my other half or friends.

During pregnancy I tried to keep up with walking everyday and doing some light weight exercises. It worked until 32 weeks when I just couldn’t anymore.

Dieting is a big no-no in pregnancy and after if you plan to breastfeed. Eat better yes, but don’t restrict yourself. Your body is going to gain what it needs anyway so letting yourself give into those cravings once in a while isn’t going to make a noticeable difference. But avoiding them for 9 months might do a lot to your mood.

So back to now. The last time I was serious about losing weight I did the cough to 5k programme. I managed to lose a stone doing this, but when I went back to Uni after the summer it all went to pot again. Such is life eh. Uni 5 days a week full time hours, placement and essays, it left little time to keep up with it, especially in the winter months. I know excuses. But I did manage to take part in a 5k super hero run for a local hospice and we managed to run it in 25 minutes! So I decided to try again! I completed week 3 day 1 today. So much easier than last week. I think that’s because even though two of the runs were longer and totalled up the runs equal the same amount of time than the others, it meant less runs. As well as this I have decided to do some 30 day challenges! That’s right I’m pushing up, squatting and planking my way to a slimmer figure. Squatting I have no problems with. I was doing that while pregnant as well. Push ups, well I’m doing the ones on my knees but it’s a start right? But planking. Omg that stuff is hard. I hate it. I’m up to 90 seconds. My whole body shaking. My upper body strength is laughable! I’m sure my 12 week old is stronger than I am! But I’m trying!

I started all of this on the 1st of November, The couch to 5k will go on until new years eve weekend and the challenges will end at the end of this month, half way tomorrow! Though whether or not I can plank for 5 minutes I’m not sure, but if I manage surely I deserve to have a slightly more toned abdomen? Plus as much as I hate running, the little high you get after you’ve finished is amazing!

I know it is all about the nutrition when losing weight and I am trying to control my portion sizes and eat better but wow do you get hungry when you breastfeed!

I’ll let you know how it goes at the end of the month! If you have any more challenges or things I could try let me know!


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