Reflecting On Pregnancy

So I shouldn’t really complain. I didn’t have it too hard. I had no complications at all other than a seemingly heavy baby. My worst symptoms were morning sickness and swelling. But somehow it just kinda sucked!

I always thought I’d be that hippy earth-mother type pregnant woman. I really tried to be. But I wasn’t.

I started off being freezing cold, then as soon as the first trimester was over I was boiling hot and would overheat all the time so easily!

The sickness probably wasn’t the worst but boy did it suck and make me feel horrible! Spending half the day with your head in the toilet and the other half stuffing your face with food was just annoying. So was the initial weight gain from all those sour sweets and carbs I had to eat to prevent the sickness.

The swelling did start pretty early for me and it did make work a little bit harder. By the end I was spending most of my time trying to do as much of my work sat down as possible, which can be quite challenging. It also meant that I had to start my leave early (though that didn’t matter as my boy arrived three weeks early, the day before my maternity leave actually started and I had only used the remaining bit of my annual leave before hand). What was also annoying was the fact that by the 34th week I couldn’t walk far at all, round my block was all I could do and even then I couldn’t hold onto my dog’s leash as he pulls too hard and I was afraid he’d make me topple over! I suppose the fact that my feet weren’t swollen and I could walk around the shops again should have been a pretty clear indication that it was my waters that had gone that day… oh well.

I know this is shallow but I just couldn’t seem to get my ‘style’ right at all while pregnant. I wore maxi skirts and dresses a lot of the time, a pair of jeans and leggings and some vests. But it all just made me feel frumpy and like an oversized ball with legs and arms sticking out. It was only just the week before my son was born that I was looking through my wardrobe and found a dress to wear to my baby shower that actually looked amazing on me. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that my little darling arrived on the day I was supposed to have my baby shower. Oops. But back to the dress. It was one I had brought a year before a friends wedding but it just hugged a little too tight around my abdomen and well I love pizza a little too much so it actually made me look pregnant when I wasn’t. I spent a lot of time looking for this dress when I found out I was actually pregnant but it took me 36 weeks to find it. Sadly I was only able to wear it once or twice and now it is back in my wardrobe waiting for a possible outing again in a few years time.

I didn’t gain a lot of weight, a little over 20lbs, but I felt like I gained loads. I know it was mainly water now but at the time I just felt so gross because I just couldn’t stop eating! And when you start outgrowing your clothes and going into that ‘are you aren’t you’ stage it just gets really disheartening. It’s nice when that round bump finally decides to pop out though as you can finally prove to people that you aren’t round because you ate 50lbs of Easer eggs. It is actually because you are creating a life. So there.

There was no real point to this other than to reassure you that if you feel like you don’t look like the glamourous earth-mother you envisaged while pregnant then it is okay. I promise you not a lot of women will be. Those that are have probably put a lot of effort into it or are the type of women that just annoy you because they could look like they just strutted off the catwalk even if all they actually did was got out of bed and threw on whatever was clean.


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