I Can’t Be The Only One Excited For Christmas?

Santa has arrived in our town! I can finally get excited for Christmas! He parades around the whole shopping centre with a choir of children singing Christmas carols and volunteers follow close behind collecting change for a  charity. This year it was Age UK. This year he also ended up doing something a little extra and appeared at the top of the building.

I’ve always been one to get excited for Christmas. I know I’m 23 but that doesn’t mean I have to stop believing in the magic of Christmas now does it? No.

This year we also have our puppy and baby to join us. Ahhhh excited. We are also expecting another little arrival in the family. My partner’s brother and his wife are expecting a little baby, due on Christmas day! So Christmas may be a little hit and miss this year but I don’t care! I’m on maternity leave and I don’t have to worry about being on the rota to work this year! Now I’m not making unrealistic expectations, I know that my little one will end up grumpy and screaming at some point, there may even be some family argument and the new edition probably won’t arrive on that day (only 3% arrive on their due date I hear?), but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to enjoy myself and get excited about it.

I have already started watching Christmas films. Christmas with the Kranks was the first. Home Alone and Rudolph are also on my list. I also have a Rudolph teddy that I have had since I was a little girl that needs to come down of the top of my wardrobe and onto the bed, though with two adults and sometimes a baby and a puppy on the bed we may find ourselves fighting for space.

I love everything about this time of year, from the decorations to the music. One of my favourite things is walking around the shops with Christmas music blasting in my ears. It will be sad not to have the Buble Christmas magic this year but hopefully his son will respond well to Christmas and we can have double the Buble festiveness next year! I also love visiting the Christmas display in the middle of our shopping centre! They always try to go all out.

Christmas movies, Bailey’s hot chocolate and Terry’s chocolate orange sounds like a perfect night in to me!

There will be no dressing up and spending Christmas eve at the pub this year though! But I’m sure we will have a great night in waiting for Santa Clause to arrive! Plus I could always get into a nice dress, safe in the knowledge that I don’t have to worry about going out into the cold or having some merrily drunk man accidentally spill his drink all down it! And I’m sure I can have a cheeky little drink after I’ve had my last pumping session for the night! Best get my toffee apple cider in the fridge!


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