Things They Don’t Tell You About Post Pregnancy And Newborns

So life with your new baby is supposed to be amazing. And it is in a way. But at the same time it is tiring and it all turns into one big blur. What doesn’t help is that you are recovering from a somewhat traumatic experience and dealing with even more changes to your life and body.

Here is some things that you may or may not already know, hope it helps!

  • Breast feeding is hard. It is. It might come naturally to some people. But to a lot of other women it can be hard, for many different reasons. It makes you hungry, it makes you tired, it means you are the one to be getting up all the time, you lose your freedom even more than you already have. It is a great thing to do, but it is okay to make your choice of how to feed, based on what works for you and your family. Happy mummy, happy family.
  • Your milk coming in is a weird feeling! I remember that one minute I was fine just checking facebook on my phone, then the next minute my boobs had doubled in size, become rock solid, I was leaking and suddenly stunk of milk. I ran to the bathroom to check out my new boobs. It really was like I had gotten a free boob job without the complications and mishaps. It was amazing! They do get sore when they are that full though and if baby isn’t able to help relieve the pain and pressure for you then it is important to express somehow otherwise you risk getting a blocked duct and mastitis.
  • Let down, when you’re boobs are telling you your milk is going to start flowing. It’s a weird feeling. I hear its different for everyone but for me it feels like pins and needles in my nipples.
  • Meconium… It is probably the only odourless poop your baby will poop out. But boy does it look weird! I thought my little guy had finished pooping but as I had just gotten a new nappy on him this tar like substance carried on out of him! It filled about three nappies before he was finished. And yes it really does just look like hot gooey tar.
  • Your body doesn’t go back straight away. Sure it your belly can go down a lot and fast, but at the same time it may not. Don’t worry either way. Like they say, nine months to make a baby so nine months to recover! The rest of your body may also look soft and squidgy. Except your new boobs that is!
  • Your belly feels like a deflated balloon. It’s so strange! I couldn’t stop poking it and getting others to poke it! It’s definitely a weird feeling!
  • Baby blues happen to everyone. It is normal and it is just your emotions readjusting. It is okay and it will feel like you are going through some emotional come down. It is when it lasts too long or you get strange and scary thoughts and feelings towards yourself or your baby that you should seek further help.
  • Peeing kinda stings and pooping is a scary thought. But it needs to come out. So drink lots of water, it’ll dilute the pee which will make it sting less, and it’ll soften your poop which will make it easier to come out!
  • Your lady garden will hurt. Keep on top of your pain medication. Don’t wait too long just because you are still feeling good from the last dose as it may just wear off suddenly and you’ll be left in discomfort until the next dose kicks in.
  • You will bleed, a lot, for what feels like an eternity. The bleeding will eventually lessen and feel just like a freakishly long period. But make sure you invest in a lot of pads! No tampons for this bleed ladies!
  • Your abdominal muscles are still so far apart you feel like they have officially divorced each other. They will come back together. For some it may take surgery. It is important not to stress them out so no crunches. Again focus on general core exercises when you feel up to it, however make sure you talk to a doctor before you undertake anything, especially if your muscles have split a lot or you had a C-section.
  • It becomes a lot harder to keep things in. Lots of women find it hard to not pee when they laugh, cough or sneeze. I, however, find it hard not to pass gas. I got back pains if I ever tried to keep it in and now I find a lot more bubbles escaping than normal.

All I can think of for now! Let me know if you guys have any more!


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