Things They Don’t Tell You About Labour And Delivery

Just some things you may or may not have been told or know about labour and delivery. Again it might get a bit gross, sorry in advance!

My labour and delivery wasn’t the worst. It got a bit scary in places but it all turned out okay and I’m sure I could go through it again. It was quite quick and my brain cut out during the most painful bits and my body just took over. It is amazing how the body can just run on autopilot and instincts it really is. But here is a little heads up for you.

  • You will poop while giving birth. Okay you probably knew this and it is probably something you’ve thought about but not included in your dream delivery but it happens and let’s face it, you will not care about letting out a poop nugget when you are trying to evacuate a baby from your lady garden. Trust me.
  • You may also pee during delivery. I let it alllllll out. They told me to push, I wasn’t really in a position to control some things and not others when they all come from surrounding areas.
  • Labour can be long! Again it isn’t like it is in the movies. Your waters won’t just break and then your contractions just start and then you walk out of the hospital with your baby a few hours later. It’s a waiting game so bring lots of things to occupy yourself!
  • Delivery may not go as planned. Don’t be scared about changing your mind or having to go down a different route. It only happens if your original plan isn’t the safest for you and baby. Trust your doctor and midwife. Don’t be afraid to question them to get the facts, but do trust that they are doing everything in their power to keep you both safe.
  • Episiotomies happen. So do tears. They will try and numb the area first when possible, as they do when stitching you back up
  • Your body will make sounds you didn’t know you could make. You will hear something not human and not realise it came from you but it did.
  • Your body is amazing and will be able to cope with the pain and everything it is being put through.
  • You will reach a point where you want to pack it all in, stop labour and go home. This is actually part of labour. It is the last part. You know it is basically ready to push when you get this feeling.
  • There is no shame in asking for whatever pain meds you can get your hands on! I know I said your body can handle it, but at the same time just because you can handle the pain doesn’t mean you have to put yourself through it if you don’t want to. You do have to look after a brand new baby after it, so you have to be in tip top shape to do that!
  • Moving around really does help.
  • The pain goes away as soon as baby is out. Then it’s time to deliver the afterbirth. This hurts a bit as well but once that is over so is all the pain. It is the most relieving feeling ever!

That’s all I can think of for now. Let me know if you think of anything else!


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