Was That My Waters?

Warning: I will be using the word ‘gush’ a lot throughout this but seeing as we are talking about waters breaking I feel like that is acceptable.

There I was about to go shopping when I felt a small gush. Had I just peed myself? I’m not sure… I mean it is very possible at this point. A few minutes later there was another small gush. Hmmm surely not… Nothing else happened to I put a pad on just in case and walked out the door to meet my friend at the shops. My partner was working nights and was heading to bed, we joked it was my waters breaking and instead of going off to work later he will be driving me to the hospital.

See it may seem like I was in denial, and maybe I was, but I was only 36+4 weeks. I was born at 36 weeks but I was also a planned C-section due to complications my mother had with her kidneys during her first pregnancy with my brother. And when your waters break isn’t it supposed to be like how it is portrayed on TV of the films? A massive unmistakable flood of water just gushing out of you with some force?

So off to the shops I went. When I arrived I felt another small gush but after going to the toilet I thought I must be imagining it. We walked around for ages, joked that it would be cool for my waters to break in Mothercare as we had heard stories of women doing their shopping, having their waters break, and being gifted their shopping or other items from the shops. Our last visit was to John Lewis, my friend had a voucher for a free cake and drink which we split. As we were standing to walk out I thought I felt a slightly bigger gush. This time I decided to let my friend know and she just gave me this look of complete and utter disbelief that I had been walking around for a good couple of hours with broken waters. She took me home and instructed me to call labour ward and see about going in.

I sort of took her advice, I lay down on my bed for 40 minutes first as I had read that when you get up, if your waters have really broken, it would just pool inside you and then flood out. If it doesn’t then it probably isn’t your waters. Well after 40 minutes I stood up and So much water came out of me I wasn’t sure what to do first. I went to the loo to change the pad I had on and called labour ward. They asked me to come into the pregnancy unit they have at the hospital, within the hour and to bring my pad, they like to inspect it to make sure there was no meconium mixed in and that it was in fact my waters.

So I woke my other half up and washed my hair and packed my bag (tut tut to me for not having it packed already) and we made out way in. Luckily as I work there we did not have to worry about paying for parking as long as I remembered my ID which thankfully I did!

I ended up spending the rest of the day in the pregnancy unit. I was monitored and bloods were taken and I was told I would be admitted to labour ward to be induced tomorrow. My friend had come up to join me so that my partner could sort out our puppy, eat and inform my mum of what was going on.

I finally got onto labour ward soon after 8pm. I got comfortable and my other half left at around 10 as we knew nothing else would be happening tonight. I was put on antibiotics as a precautionary measure, turned my laptop on and watched Netflix until I was tired enough to go to sleep.

My waters continued to trickle out. I went through a pad every hour. If I was sat or laying, whenever I would then get up I would soak through everything. I must have gone through 3 trousers and underwear. If you’re packing your hospital bag and looking for pads for when this happens to you, take my advice, make sure you have a few pairs of the biggest pants around and grab a few packs of those Tena Ladies night pads. They may be the biggest things out there but trust me it beats having to walk to the loo with a massive wet stain down your trousers and a puddle following behind you!


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