Soon after 8pm I was introduced to my new midwife and her student midwife. The student was in her first year. I was her last patient before she went on holiday for a week. Part of me thought I would still be in this room when she left in the morning but she was determined that there would be a baby by then. I was placed on a monitor while medications and fluids were drawn up.

10pm and it was finally all going to start.

I was placed on a drip and fluids and attached to a monitor. If I needed the loo from now on I was told I would need to go on the commode. Ah dignity is well and truly left at the door.

For a good couple of hours I felt nothing. Barely a twinge. I was told that my dose would keep increasing until something happened. Some people respond quickly and unfortunately others do not. At first I thought I was going to be one of the unlucky ones, then suddenly, pain, like a period cramp but worse, in my back as well as my belly. It was starting. I was being checked every half hour and my dose was going up half hourly as well. The student came in as the pain began saying how lovely and calm it was in our room so she liked coming in. I told her it was going to change quickly and I was going to need some pain medication! She ran out and got my midwife and they came in and sorted out gas and air for me.

Wow that stuff is just wow. After a couple of puffs I felt like I was away with the fairies. I could still feel the pain but instead of saying ‘ow’ I got the giggles. My partner found this hilarious! It got to a point that I felt like I was inappropriately ‘high’ and felt like a teenager hiding how drunk I was around my parents whenever the midwife came in! Within half an hour the pain got so bad I had to up the pain meds, I also ended up vomiting a few times, I had read gas and air can cause this though so I was expecting it. I was given an injection of Pethidine which helped alleviate the pain in my back, which is where the majority of the pain was, it made my belly just feel like it was stinging as well. This was the stuff.

The pain did continue to get worse and my midwife was unable to track my contractions effectively but judging by how often I felt the pain, my contractions were pretty damn close together. Every time a contraction came I bounced harder on my ball. It seemed to help somewhat, maybe more as a distraction than actual pain relief.

My mind went into shut down after that and I don’t remember anything.

That is until I asked the midwife to check me a couple of hours later. I was at 8cm. The midwife checked me, told me how far I was and walked out the door. Two seconds later I screamed that I needed to push. She checked me and was shocked to find that it had happened so quickly. But it was time. I was finally 10cm.


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