He’s Here!

He is finally here. 37 weeks on the dot, he was just about term.

We had some feeding problems as he was still so sleepy. He ended up only having 15mls of formula and a few sucks on the breast that day. His sugar levels were tested often to make sure he was okay despite this. He also needed his jaundice levels checking as the doctors were concerned about his colouring. He also required IV antibiotics as he began grunting and due to the early waters breaking, delay in delivering and the fact that he was born ‘early’ they gave him a low threshold before considering treatment, the grunting was enough of a cause for concern in doctor’s eyes.

With regards to visitors do what makes you happy. We wanted visitors but ideally a couple at a time and while my partner was present as I felt unable to really be present with people. Family, however, decided to turn up all at once and while my other half was at home resting. I was gifted with presents, which I appreciate, but I was told to open them there and then, so when my other half came back he was upset that he wasn’t there to open them and that everyone had come while he wasn’t there, though he had asked them to wait for him. I was also unable to recollect who gave us what as I was not fully there, I was too tired to really pay attention. A few of my friends came in the evening. They came at times that I had given them and they came two or three at a time. My other half was also there so it took some pressure off me. I could be there without really being present and not feel like they were going to be bored. One of my friends that came actually now shares her birthday with my son, it felt special to see them have their birthday cuddles.

Night came and he hadn’t yet passed his meconium. This is because he hadn’t eaten really but it was still concerning. He had however had a couple of wet nappies, which was a big relief. It was a quiet night. He didn’t really wake up more than once, sort of latched on, fed a little, then fell back to sleep.

The last peaceful night for a while. Well as peaceful as it can be with other people’s babies screaming all night long. Though I can’t complain, it would soon be my little boy screaming all night long.


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