And So The Wait Begins


It’s supposed to be the most exciting time of this pregnancy but instead it was just boring. I was told I was going to be induced today, that I was a priority due to being early and having my waters already flowing away. But no. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not mad at the hospital… well not too much. This just proves how stretched the NHS and our hospitals and hospital workers are. When you are in your delivery room you are to get one on one care with a midwife, you are not allowed to move from the labour ward to the delivery room without a midwife available to see to you. They also have to make sure they have room and midwives available for women that come in off the street in full blown labour with their baby about to make their appearance, or for women on the labour ward that find themselves quickly in a similar position. I was a priority but only as it suited.

I had to lay there and watch as women came and went. Women who were contracting but had to wait to get into the delivery room to have their waters break. Eventually ward round happened and I was seen by a consultant. I was given the option of being given a vaginal tablet to help kick start things or to be given a drip. As this is my first I was convinced that the vaginal tablet would be the best option. Well I regret that. It did nothing and if I had chosen the drip I may have been moved earlier as you have to give the tablet 6 hours to work before being given another or being started on the drip.

Literally nothing happened. I ended up getting severe back pain which I thought may be contractions but after being monitored it turned out to be nothing and that my darling littler boy was probably just being awkward and chilling there. It doesn’t help that I get bad backs often, it’s kind of my weak point.

So we just sat and waited, watched dvds, and ate. A work friend came up to see me and gifted me with a blue teddy bear and a box of chocolates, they didn’t last long!

Day turned to night and we were told that I should be moved that evening. But again nothing happened for me. But it happened for others.

The next day came. That morning the woman next to me was surprised to find her waters had broken. There was no denying it, I was hit by the unmistakable sickly sweet smell as she was next to the window and it just blew it all my way. She was left waiting for her bed to be changed for a while as there was no one around to help her. I was tying to figure out where the linen was kept to help her when eventually someone came. Poor girl was so confused and her pains got considerably worse from then.

I was visited by my mum and my partners mum. It was since but when you are frustrated and annoyed, having people constantly ask for updates and pointing out that your baby should be here by now is kind of annoying.

After asking countless members of staff the time finally came at 5pm. I was being moved. We had accumulated a lot of things by this point and my partner had gone to get us McDonalds and my mum was the only one left to help me. We walked into the delivery room and she began to freak out. She had bypassed the delivery room as she had two C-sections, one emergency straight from labour ward and one planned. My other half arrived a few minutes later with the lovely aroma of fries and burgers swimming around the air. The midwife I had told me I was not to eat it as it was too greasy and it wouldn’t stay down for long. But I had a feeling I was going to throw up at some point anyway so why not have lovely food anyway? My partner just fed me bit by bit whenever the midwife left the room. She wasn’t with us for long anyway as her shift finished at 8pm. Not much happened during that time. I had a cannula put in, urine tested and was told to make myself comfortable. Observations were taken and I got my big bouncy ball out and started to bounce.


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