Time To Start Shopping!

It’s shopping time! So we know we are having a boy and it’s time to start getting his wardrobe together! Need vests, sleepsuits, mittens, socks, hats, jeans, t-shirts, the list goes on!

As well as clothes mum needs a baby bag. The one I have been eyeing up since peeing on the pregnancy test has to be a yummy mummy bag from pink lining. Obviously I had to get the one with the dogs on!

Soon after the ultrasound we did have my baby bag and a tommee tippee steriliser set (it was on offer!). Clothes we picked up as and when we went shopping. We knew that there was no point spending a fortune on clothes in smaller sizes, especially little outfits as family would probably want to gift these things to him, so as we were walking round Asda or Primark or Tesco we would pick some essentials up. One really cute outfit I was really excited about was a mickey mouse onesie in a greeny-blue colour. We got it in new born size as we wanted it to be his ‘coming home’ outfit and we didn’t think he would be too big for it, after all my partner and I were only 6lb something each…

We did also find a tigger swimsuit and as my partner loves tigger it was an obvious yes to that!

Really had to force myself not to buy too much… so not easy! But there is still so much time I can’t be getting everything now what if there is something cuter I see later on? I can’t be getting everything in small sizes, what if he grows quickly!

And what about for me? Surely I won’t fit into my clothes for long, I’m already set to burst the buttons on this shirt! I don’t want to stretch out everything! But shops seem to think putting the word ‘maternity’ on all women’s clothing means that it is okay to charge them double, even though we would be wearing them for only a few months! I mean I know we can store them for the future and reuse them or lend them to friends and family, but still it is unreasonably expensive!

Ahhhh the problems of loving shopping and having an excuse… but also having your brain tell you that you have to stop spending and save!


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