The Puppy Gets the Snip

Sorry not sorry.

It was time. He was getting territorial and I was scared it would get worse with a baby. We also needed to calm down a bit.

But boy those operations aren’t cheap. Nearly £200!

He had to be starved from 7pm the night before, poor sod, we left his food out from 5pm to give him enough time but he decided he didn’t want to eat a lot until after his last walk, and by that time it was too late.

The next morning eventually arrived, after a night of crying because the puppy was so hungry. We got him down to the vets just before 8am like they asked. I felt bad leaving him, he seemed so naïve and trusting, then we just walked out the room and left him to be snipped. I knew when we came back for him he would be grumpy with us. And boy was he! We were met with a look of disgust, a look I do not want to see again. He was only allowed a plain meal when he got home, rice and chicken. I had tried to have it all sorted and waiting for him but I had somehow managed to burn the chicken and the chicken breasts ended up looking like two small testicles, how ironic. He ended up going to sleep for a while which gave me time to remake his meal. He didn’t do much that night other than munch on his plain dinner and mope. I hoped this didn’t last too long, I was beginning to miss my pain in the butt puppy.

The sad phase didn’t last too long luckily. He awoke the next day seeming just like his old self. Just with the cone of shame around his neck. He had spent the night before banging into everything, looking a lot like a drunk man. Today however he had learnt to use it as a weapon and was seeking revenge for his stolen friends. Great.

A week later he had an appointment to check on his progress and all was fine. He was allowed to ditch the cone and he was allowed to go on normal walks again, he had been restricted to two, ten minute walks a day, so not enough for his sanity or ours. My pain in the butt was back and luckily without his new weapon.


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