My Other Baby

This blog is, for now at least, going to be about the baby I carried and gave birth to but I would like to take a minute to just talk about my other baby, my beagle!

Hes a pain in the butt i’m not going to lie. But he is also the smartest and friendliest pup around! He is just over a year old now and we got him on December 27th last year, a good… two or three weeks before finding out we were expecting?

He is a massive ball of energy and I do miss the days when he was a tiny sleepy little baby who used to cuddle up to me but it has been fun watching him grow.

I was scared of how he would react to a new baby but he has adapted well, givinglots of kisses and not caring when he cries. Pup baby however does not like being attached to the pram on walks and is a bit careless around the human baby so there have been many near misses. He has also gotten into the habit of ignorinf us and does get very jealous and hates to share his dad (mum doesn’t matter as much unless hes not getting attention from dad). He got the snip in August but it did little to calm him. His diet has been changed though and that has noticeably changed his behaviour, however there is still lots of room for improvement!

So here’s to our fur baby. You’re a pain in the butt when you want to be but you’re our pain in the butt.


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