Movements and Odd Shaped Bumps

Feeling those movements is just, well there are no words for it. But looking down on your bump and finding it is a different shape to the last time you looked down is just weird. Babies can prefer one side to the other, which means you can end up with a bump that looks weird and lopsided.

You can feel the movements and kicks at different stages depending on each pregnancy. Usually with your first you will find you feel them later than you would in your second. Your size can also make a difference and whether you have strong muscles or (like me) a cushiony layer on top. The placement of your placenta will also make a huge difference, as magical and helpful as they are to help keep our little ones fed and healthy, they can be a bit of a kick block.

I started off by feeling little bubbles, unsure I thought it was gas, I was only 16 weeks after all. However at 17 weeks I was laying on my back watching a film and I felt the unmistakable feeling of my little man moving. It felt like I had a gold fish in a bag hidden in my belly and it just decided to flip and flop.

After that I was sure those little bubbles were little kicks and I was starting to feel his kicks and the feel of him moving around a lot more often.

Then came the moment my other half could feel them, this came hand in hand with being able to see my belly move with him, the smile that came across his face when he first felt it is one that will be etched in my mind forever, a look of amazement and awe and happiness. It’s awesome to watch and I found myself tapping my belly whenever I had a quiet moment, to wake him up so I could feel and see it again. My partner would often hold my belly at night as we fell asleep and when he would feel a kick it made him feel extra special, as if his son was saying hello to him.

Remember to trust your instincts. Babies will have developed a pattern by 25 weeks and it is your job to pay attention to this. My little man would be more awake during the evening and night. They say that they are more likely to be asleep when you’re walking as you are effectively rocking them to sleep. Anyway back to my point, it is important to seek help if you notice any change in pattern, if any changes in movement cause concern then you need to contact your midwife immediately. If you feel like you were not taken seriously or listened to (hopefully you will be listened to and taken seriously, but sometimes your instincts will warn you of something that may not raise alarm bells to anyone else) go to an a&e or pregnancy unit and do what you can for them to check you out thoroughly. You won’t ever regret annoying them into a scan, if anything it may mean picking up on something small and preventing it from turning into a bigger, more serious problem. Kicks and movements will not lessen as you get further along. They may be running out of room but they should carry on in their routine of kicks and movements. If you have had a busy day it may be easy to miss movements and kicks, so when you have a couple of hours free lay down on your left side, drink something cold and sugary and let them go a little crazy playing football with your insides and dancing around. If you need and more information go to the Count the kicks website here.

But enough of the scary stuff, enjoy every kick and movement, you’ll miss having your own little dance party with them once they are out.


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