More Scans…

Yes more scans.

Okay so one of them was optional. We decided on getting a 4D scan. I know I know they look creepy and are expensive. But we got a really good shot of our little mans face and it is pretty accurate. We needed him to ideally be awake for this but he spent the whole time asleep and with a hand in front of his face. Eventually he moved it enough so we could actually get a glimpse of his face but still, after being caught in traffic and spending quite a bit of money the last thing you want is to have an uncooperative baby…

Now onto the other two hospital scans. When you get to about 28 weeks your midwife starts to measure your belly. Each week we were told that my bump was measuring two weeks ahead so we were sent for two more scans. The first showed he was right on track and the second showed that his belly was a little on the larger side. They really didn’t do much except book me in for a scan and an appointment with the consultant four days before I was due. It was kind of nerve wracking to be in the waiting room after being told you need to see a consultant because your scan didn’t seem right, but obviously they weren’t too worried to why should I be. Except for the fact that I had to push this large bellied baby out of course.

Ah well at least we got another picture out of it and we got to see our little man two more times.


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