Gestational Diabetes

This sucks. I had no other risk factors other than my brother has diabetes. His however was brought on by his diet, not his fault, he has a condition called Prader Willie. The same thing Katie Price’s son has. I however did not have this but okay I’ll admit I don’t have the best diet. I see food I like and I eat it. Especially now when what I can eat and keep down is very limited.

I’ll start by saying the results came back fine and I didn’t have gestational diabetes. But the test was not the most fun thing to do. In fact my sugar levels were lower after the test than they were before! Which is good because there was no way I could limit my sugar and carb intake now…

See you have to fast for it. The test started at 10:30 in the morning. I wasn’t allowed to eat for 12 hours before hand. Then as soon as I got there my bloods were drawn and I was given a bottle of original Lucozade (come on not even the cherry flavoured one???) and told I had ten minutes to drink it all. Ew. Then I had to wait for two hours, sat down in a waiting room with only my phone for company. You aren’t allowed to move around a lot in case that contributes to lowering your sugar levels. I was allowed to drink water and that was it, still no food, 14 hours and counting. I was starting to feel weird with all that sugar running rampage through my body and I was beginning to feel really sick, you might remember that fluids and an empty belly was a trigger for my morning sickness. The thing is if you vomit your test is abandoned and you have to come back again later. So I tried hard to keep it in. The sight of another woman going through the test vomiting did not help matters, but I was determined not to be coming back. Finally the time came for my final lot of bloods. I went in, had blood taken and was free to go. Two steps away from the door and I got that feeling, you know the one, when you can feel the clock counting down until you start blowing chunks. Yup. I ran to the bathroom and that Lucozade came flooding back out. But I had had the last lot of bloods taken so I legged it out the door and didn’t look back!

If you are going in for this test take someone for company if you can. Take lots of water, music, a video or film on your phone or even laptop or maybe a book. Because it gets boring and you need to distract yourself from wanting to be sick and run around at the same time.


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