Buying a Pram

I started my pram buying by researching. I wanted to hear real reviews by real parents. My friend had had trouble with her travel system, at one point she was told that the wheels of her travel system weren’t compatible with the town we live in, so why sell it here?!

Needless to say I did not go with that one. My mum was gifting us our pram so I didn’t want to choose an expensive one, but at the same time I wanted it to last and do everything we needed it to.

After months of research (I started looking into it in April and made the purchase in August) we went with a Graco travel system. It is a bit bulky and takes up most of the boot space, however it is supposed to last him a few years and it felt like a pretty sturdy ride. We also purchased a car seat base as at the moment we are a one car family and I didn’t want the hassle of strapping it in every time we went out.

Origionally we had looked into also buying the Graco milestone car seat, supposed to go from newborn until maybe 7 years? But it didn’t fit in our car (boo). Shop assistants will always make sure both seat and pram will fit comfortably in your car before they let you buy, which is good as it saved us a return trip to refund a car seat we can’t use.

Nearly 12 weeks in and the travel system is going strong. No down sides so far, it seems very compatible with our town, it is also sturdy enough to withstand having our dog attached on our long walks, which if you know our dog is by no means easy…


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