Birthing Plan and Hospital Bag

Think long and hard about your birthing plan. I’m sure most women who are pregnant have their ideal labour and birth in their head. It is important to have these ideals written down, as when it comes to the time, you may forget or be too pre-occupied to tell your health care professionals what you want. But bare in mind that things don’t always go to plan and you should include this in your birth plan. Don’t get upset when things don’t turn out how you want. It is more important that you and your baby come out of this healthy than you have an un-medicated natural birth. Let your birthing partner know of your birth plan in advance so that they can advocate for you and ensure that what you want is what you get if it is safe to do so and they can prevent you from having something you don’t want done unless it is your only option.

When packing my bag I youtubed so many videos. I wanted to make sure I had everything I needed without making it seem like I was moving in. There is only limited space on the ward after all! I never did get round to actually packing… but that’s a story for another day

Take your time while packing, pick a bag you are happy to carry around (or your partner) and it’s better to have more than you think if you live too far away to just nip home. I live five minutes from the hospital so we didn’t have that worry, also we knew if we needed anything people would be coming in to visit us so they would be able to bring us anything we were missing.


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