We had about 4 scans in total over this pregnancy and I will get to the others in time, for now i’m just going to talk about that first one. Probably the most horrible of the lot. I don’t mean the actual scan but the lead up to it.

Ive spent the best part of 12 weeks waiting for this moment and as it draws closer I feel myself getting sick with worry. What if we go in there and they can’t find anything? or what if something’s happened but my body hasn’t let me know yet? It’s a scary time. You only have your symptoms to go on but even they can’t tell you if everything is okay. And for those lucky few with no symptoms I can imagine you feel a lot more nervous!

I kept googling the chances of going in and finding out something was wrong. Take my advice and don’t do that. Instead talk to people! You’ll find out it’s more common for something to be right than wrong and it’ll make you feel a hell of a lot better! Because I warn you now, google will make it seem like it is the norm for something to be wrong and you’re already going through enough you don’t need that worry on top of everything else!

Seeing that baby wriggle on that screen is an amazing feeling. My other half couldn’t understand how it was clearly wriggling but I couldn’t feel a thing! How weird and wonderful our bodies are! This tiny thing was alive inside me and I couldn’t get over it. I still can’t get over it looking back on the photos now! It is a memory to cherish forever.

We found out our due date. 11th September. This made my other half have ideas about names but we won’t go into that seeing as he has a sense of humour others wouldn’t automatically appreciate… We also found out that we were further along than we thought. Not by much but instead of 12 weeks we were 13 weeks. That meant we were already one week closer yay! Though it meant it was harder to pinpoint when our little one was roughly made shall we say… Oh well it’ll be a debate that carries on a little longer.

Enjoy your scan. Don’t worry about it. You don’t have to drink THAT much but do drink a bit, you don’t want to be trying to down a bottle of water as they are trying to scan you but equally you do not want to be so full that you pee yourself as they press a little harder to find that tiny little peanut dancing inside you!


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