Let’s talk sickness

You always hear how pregnancy is a beautiful magical time and if someone mentions morning sickness it is never portrayed too negatively. But lets face it that can be a load of bull. Yeah, fine some people don’t get it that bad, a bit of nausea when they haven’t eaten for a while or if they smell something that just sets them off. But if you’re anything like I was then I’m so sorry for what you’re going through, I feel your pain!

My sickness went on until I was well into my fifth month, roughly about 22-23 weeks it started to die down. I still had days when I would throw up but it was a lot better. Until then however it was horrible! It wasn’t as bad as people who suffer with Hyperemesis Gravidarum but it was still pretty horrible. It started within half an hour of waking up everyday without fail. I had to eat breakfast, even if all I could handle was a slice of plain white bread, if I didn’t eat something within half an hour I would start throwing up, though having said that there were lots of days that even if I did eat in that time frame I would still be throwing up but it made the rest of the day a little bit easier. I would average throwing up about five times a day. Yup five times of actually running to the toilet to be sick. No matter whether I was on a night shift or a day shift or I had a day off I was throwing up. Seriously how did people not notice??? We went to London for a couple of nights for my birthday this year to visit Harry Potter studios and to see Les Miserables. Both mornings started off with my head in the loo. Strange feeling it is to be spending your birthday puking without it involving drink. The train back was the worst, I had to shove my other half out the way to run to the toilet there. Let me tell you, trying to aim into a toilet on a moving train is not easy and it makes you feel soooooo much worse.

Things I found that helped me were:

-Eat. Having an empty stomach was never good. You would think it would stop you from throwing up because you don’t have anything to throw up right? WRONG! There is always something that will find its way up.

-Sour sweets. Omg yummmmm. Sour moam stripes were the best, but sour lemon sherbets were the easiest thing to have at work as you just pop one in your mouth and suck on it discreetly

-Carby foods. Yeah I know you don’t want to be helping your weight gain this early on but you know what? When you’re fed up of being sick so much you just won’t care what you have to eat as long as you know it is going to stay down!

-Sleep. Another thing that set my morning sickness off was being too tired. This meant after a long 12.5 hour shift (or multiple shifts in a row) I was confined to the bathroom. So not what you want after a long day is it?!

I also quickly learnt that drinking before I ate was a baaaaad idea. Even at three in the morning, if I had even a sip of water that was it, it was coming back up! Crackers by your bedside is always a good idea!


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