Where it all began

So. There I was at 6am on my day off in the bathroom nervously waiting for the longest three minutes of my life. See this wasn’t expected, but it shouldn’t have been a total surprise seeing as we weren’t being… careful lets say. I was about a week late by this point and coming up with excuse after excuse as to why I would be late but in the end my partner convinced me to buy a test to at least rule it out. Fast forward to the next morning and finally it is time to look at the test. Yup. There it was clear as day. Pregnant. I decided to go with a digital test to avoid trying to make out faint lines. Sneaking back to bed I wait until it is a more acceptable time to wake a sleeping man. I went over and over how I was going to tell him until I couldn’t take the wait any longer. I woke him up and shaking, I showed him the test. I was met with an ‘ah cool’ and back to sleep he went. Thanks. It was better the second time he woke up, we talked and my nerves settled a little. I did say that I wanted to keep it a secret until after the 12 weeks scan but I soon found out he texted his best friend that day and then told most of his other friends shortly afterwards but it was out of excitement and I suppose I did have to tell people due to work reasons as well so I can let him off for that. But I will get onto that next time!


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