Back to Work

I took two weeks off for my birthday, starting two days after my 12 (13) weeks scan and finishing a few days after turning 15 weeks. This meant when I went back people were shocked to see my stomach had gotten a bit bigger. My uniform was getting tight around my middle and my trousers just wouldn’t do up any longer. It was just after Easter so that did raise the question had I just eaten 20lbs of chocolate but nope it was all baby and sour sweets.

By the time I got to 16 weeks my feet were swelling and quite badly. By the end of my shift my feet had doubled in size at least. That’s what I get for being on my feet for 12.5 hours I suppose eh? I now know I was all fluid all over but at the time I didn’t know that. It explains the swelling that just got worse as time went on. My hands and feet would be swelling just a couple of hours into my shift. Not fun. My socks and shoes didn’t really allow for it but my feet and ankles didn’t care they just kept ballooning and my hands kept varying from medium sized gloves to large. That doesn’t make work easy at all. The increasingly warmer weather didn’t help. No matter how much water I drunk and how hard I tried to avoid salt I still puffed up. Blergh.

It wasn’t long until I ordered my maternity uniform and let me tell you, it was comfy as anything! My uniform decided to stop fitting half way through a night shift. I had to get a pair of scrubs to change into, though the pair I got were too small so I had to ask someone to run and get me a bigger pair as I hid in the toilet! Got to love the people I work with.


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